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How to watch 'Exposing Parchman' in the UK

Exposing Parchman
Image: Exposing Parchman

Mississippi State Penitentiary, also known as Parchman Prison, is one of the most infamous maximum security prisons for men in the whole of the United States. It has long faced accusations of inhumane conditions from former and current inmates, as well as the US Department of Justice.

Exposing Parchman is an upcoming investigative docuseries that follows the latest efforts to reform the Mississippi correctional system.

In December 2019, Parchman began to make national headlines for its unusually large death toll, which was attributed to continued violence and neglect. In a desperate cry for help, brave inmates shared prohibited cell phone footage from inside.

Shawn ‘Jay Z’ Carter, entrepreneur and rapper Yo Gotti, the philanthropic arm of Roc Nation, and an intrepid group of lawyers, stepped in to spearhead a civil rights lawsuit. They are also joined by the family members of Parchman inmates in their attempt to secure justice.

The series delves inside the decaying prison, unpacks its disgraceful history, and tracks the twists and turns of the developing legal case as the team fights an impossible foe from every angle.

When is Exposing Parchman on in the UK?

Exposing Parchman will be airing on Crime + Investigation in its entirety on Sunday, 25th June at 9pm. This comes just over a week after its US premiere.

Is Exposing Parchman available on UK catch up?

British viewers will be able to catch up with Exposing Parchman on Crime + Investigation Play from Monday, 26th June.

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Crime + Investigation Play is also available across Amazon Prime Video Channels and Apple TV Channels in the UK, Italy, Germany and The Netherlands.