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Cops Who Kill: Expert contributors

Will Mellor talking to Howard Groves
Image: Will Mellor talking to Howard Groves | Cops Who Kill

In Cops Who Kill, television star and true crime fan Will Mellor lifts the lid on eight murder cases where the killers were policemen. He scrutinises the devious plots and planning that went into each crime and how the perpetrators used their police training to cover their tracks.

Cops Who Kill airs Mondays at 10pm on Crime + Investigation and new episodes are released weekly on Crime + Investigation Play.

Throughout the series, Will is joined by several leading experts in their field to reveal the varying motives behind each murder. Here are all of the specialists that contribute to the show.

Howard Groves

Howard Groves retired from the Metropolitan Police in 2014 as a Detective Chief Inspector after spending 34 years in the force. He was successful in over 50 homicide cases (all resulting in convictions) which included cases that attracted both national and international media attention.

Howard has worked on high profile murder cases, including teaming up with Dutch Police to help convict John Sweeney who killed two women and dumped their remains in canals across Rotterdam and London. In March 1999, while on holiday in New York, he helped apprehend an armed robber by joining NYPD officers to give chase and tackle a man who had been robbing a sports ticket vendor.

Serena Simmons

As a qualified chartered psychologist, Serena Simmons brings over 25 years of expertise to her work. She continues to lecture psychology students at Nottingham Trent University, as she has done for the past 17 years, as well as running her own business.

In her academic research, she specialises in Serial Violent Offending and has previously worked in prisons and maximum security hospitals. In the first episode of Cops Who Kill, Serena joins Will to analyse the police bodycam footage from when Wayne Couzens was first arrested for murdering Sarah Everard.

Alex Iszatt

Former Crime Scene Investigator Alex Iszatt has previously worked for the police, covering cases from murder and sexual assault to car crime and beyond. With a degree in Criminology and Psychology, Alex can give an insight into what drives a criminal, their modus operandi and psychological behaviours.

Alex has drawn on this unique experience for various television and radio shows and has been regularly quoted by universities in research. She continues to keep up to date with the latest technologies and theories, and until recently, had a very popular platform on YouTube where she shared those discussions with the world.

Roberta Babb

Dr Roberta Babb is a chartered psychologist, registered clinical psychologist, registered forensic psychodynamic psychotherapist, media psychologist, life coach and organisational consultant. She has worked in the field of psychology within the public and private sectors for 20 years, having been drawn to it through her curiosity about human behaviours.

Dr Babb also regularly contributes to articles relating to mental health, wellbeing and relationships. She also regularly provides expert psychology contributions to a variety of television programmes.

Sohom Das

Dr Sohom Das is a consultant forensic psychiatrist who specialises in the overlap between criminal offenders and severe mental illness. In his role he assesses, treats and rehabilitates mentally disordered offenders.

Dr Das is also an experienced expert witness who regularly provides evidence to the Criminal Court and advises judges about a range of medico-legal issues. He asses defendants in courts, prisons and special secure psychiatric units that are reserved for the most dangerous and violent mentally ill patients.

Cops Who Kill airs Mondays at 10pm on Crime + Investigation and new episodes are released weekly on Crime + Investigation Play.