Behind Bars: Rookie Year


Rookie CO Andrew Cordova

Andrew comes to the NMCD with a unique combination of experiences. He grew up on the crime-riddled streets of Northern Albuquerque, where as a teenager he came dangerously close to joining one of the area's most notorious gangs. After a conscious decision to turn his back on the streets, Andrew spent two years working in a juvenile detention center, where he learned the impact corrections can have on young criminals, both good and bad. He later spent several years working hard labor in the New Mexico oil fields, before recently returning to corrections for his love of the job and the consistent paycheck.   Andrew's biggest strength is his toughness and ability to sniff out when an inmate is trying to run a scam. Having spent some time working in a detention center, his biggest hurdles as a prison CO will be learning how to communicate with the inmate population.