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Accused: Guilty or Innocent episode guide

Accused: Guilty or Innocent programme information
Image: Accused: Guilty or Innocent

Episode 1: Wife Killer or Self Defence?

A man shoots his wife, and it's all caught on camera. Was this a cold-blooded murder or a justified act of self-defence?

Episode 2: Attempted Murder or Protective Mother?

After years of caring for a sick child, is a mother hiding a terrible secret? Accused of attempting to murder her son, she is now fighting for her freedom.

Episode 3: One Punch Assault or Self-Defence?

A young man witnesses a brutal attack. He intervenes and throws a punch. Was he justified or should he be sentenced to 20 years?

Episode 4: Cold Case Killer or Innocent Teenage Girl?

For 10 years, a murder has been unsolved. Now, police have a suspect. The catch...the accused would have been 13-years-old at the time.

Episode 5: Deadly Driver or Tragic Accident?

A terrible car crash leaves a father dead and his son horribly injured. The driver of the other car is miraculously unharmed. Tragic accident or deadly driver?

Episode 6: Murdered His Mother or Falsely Accused? (Part 1)

A family is divided after the murder of a beloved grandmother. Facing life in prison, can a son prove his innocence?

Episode 7: Murdered His Mother or Falsely Accused? (Part 2)

Accused of shooting his mother, a son stands trial for murder. With his family testifying for the prosecution, who will the jury believe?

Murdered His Mother or Falsely Accused