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6. Burton-on-Trent: The Headmistress

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In 1951, headmistress of the Burton-On-Trent High School, Winifred Mulley had dismissed six hundred girls for the Summer. Winifred lived in a house on the grounds of the school. She was signing off on a new home she had just purchased in Burton and was preparing to leave for her Summer holiday. She wasn’t feeling very well and so rather than leave that day for her trip; she decided to postpone it and get some rest. The following day when the domestic helper Mrs. Plummer knocked on the door, Winifred didn’t answer. Her bedroom door was locked and a cup of tea with a spoon— which Winifred never used, was sitting on the kitchen table. When the door was finally opened, what Mrs. Plummer saw would haunt her forever.

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