Zodiac Caught?

Two years later, on 18 June 1996, during a fight with his sister, Gladys, Seda fired one of his zip guns first into the wall and then into his sister’s back as she tried to flee from the apartment.
A neighbour took her in and they called 911 for help. The ambulance arrived and went to help Seda’s sister. However, they were unable to leave the neighbour’s apartment, as Seda was now firing at the police who had arrived at the scene.
After a number of hours, detective Joey Herbert of the 17th precinct, talked Seda into giving himself up. He was arrested and taken to the police station.
In his written confession, Seda displayed poor spelling and grammar and signed it with the crossed-circle symbol. It was agreed that Seda was the New York Zodiac and he was immediately fingerprinted. During Seda’s intense interrogation, in which he told his story in detail, his fingerprints came back a match to the Zodiac crimes.