The Aftermath

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The Aftermath

'This was not a failing on the part of one service; it was a failing on the part of every service'

Health Secretary Alan Milburn, statement to House of CommonsThe whole child protection system is overhauled. A new act of parliament is brought in and new guidance issued to social workers. The government sets up a regulatory agency, the General Social Care Council as well as the Social Care Institute for Excellence, designed to promote higher standards of practice. Child protection officers in the Met have had a lowly status as shown by their nicknames, ‘the Cardigan Squad’ or ‘the baby sitters’. Their training and relevance is now seen as vital.

Victoria’s father, Francis Climbié, says he doesn’t regard Victoria’s life as ‘lost’ because of the chance it created to change childcare for the better. He and his wife start a campaign to build a school for children in the Ivory Coast. It’s hoped that by providing education there, other parents won’t feel the need to let their children be taken away.

That dream has become a reality and their newly built school now teaches 360 children.And her parents finally laid Victoria to rest in her home town in the Ivory Coast."Do not let Victoria's death be in vain"Francis Climbié