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The Wineville Chicken Murders

Wineville Chicken Murders

1908 - Gordon Stewart Northcott - British Columbia, Canada
The Victims:
2 February 1928 - Headless body of Jose Gonzales found in a sack in a ditch in La Puente
10 March 1928 - Walter Collins disappeared
16 May 1928 - The Winslow brothers, Lewis and Nelson, disappeared
15 September 1928 - Sanford Clark told his story to the police
20 September 1928 - Northcott arrested in Vernon, British Colombia, Canada. Sarah Northcott was also arrested around the same time, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
November-December 1928 - Trial of Sarah Louise Northcott in California
January-February 1929 - Trial of Gordon Stewart Northcott in California
December 1928 - Sarah Louise Northcott sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Walter Collins
19 February 1929 - Gordon Stewart Northcott sentenced to death by hanging for the murder of Gonzales, Nelson and Lewis Winslow
2 October 1930 - Gordon Stewart Northcott - death by hanging
1944 - Sarah Louise Northcott died