Justice catches up


Bundy refused to accept his fate, and multiple appeals over the next decade resulted in stays of execution that kept him from the electric chair. In the hope that confession to other murders in the Washington State area would offer a stay in execution in Florida, he confessed to an investigator that he had committed various acts of butchery and necrophilia, and various accounts cite his victim count anywhere between 26 and 40, with others believing the total may have been much higher.It remains a matter of conjecture whether Bundy was simply exaggerating to prevent the inevitability of his execution. 

Certainly, in the case of Kathy Devine (a young woman originally attributed as a Bundy victim), later DNA evidence found another man, William Cosgrove, guilty of her murder, who had no connection to Bundy. Bundy’s delaying tactics finally came to an end on 24 January 1989, and he was executed at 7 am, taking the secret of his actual victim count with him. His body was cremated and his ashes were spread over the same Washington State mountain area that had served as his favourite dumping ground for the bodies of his victims.