Steve Wright is born
Wright marries Angela O'Donovan
Wright starts using prostitutes
Wright convicted of theft and his DNA put on the UK national database
Sept 2006
Wright moves to Ipswich with his partner, he lives in the red light area
1 Nov 2006
Tania Nicol's mother reports her missing
15 Nov 2006
Gemma Adams is reported missing by her boyfriend
2 Dec 2006
Gemma Adams’ body is discovered
4 Dec 2006
Police formally launch a murder inquiry
8 Dec 2006
Tania Nicols’ body is found
10 Dec 2006
Anneli Alderton is found in woods at Nacton
12 Dec 2006
Two bodies are found, later confirmed to be Paula Clennelll & Annette Nicholl
16 Dec 2006
Police confirm Anneli Alderton was three months pregnant when she was killed
19 Dec 2006
Steve Wright is arrested
21 Dec 2006
Wright is charged all five murders
21 Feb 2008
Steve Wright is found guilty of the murders of all five women. He was sentenced to life imprisonment the day after