standing trial

On the 4 February 2008 the trial starts at the Old Bailey. Dixie has previously entered a plea of ‘not guilty’ to the surprise of everyone concerned. There is compelling evidence that strongly suggests this is a lie. Forensic scientist Julie-Ann Cornelius informs the jury that there is a billion to one chance that the DNA found on Sally Anne’s body is not from Dixie. What do the defence team have up their sleeve?
Sensationally, Dixie stands up in court to deny murder and explain his plea. He tells the jury that he came across Sally Anne’s body but thought she had passed out. Deciding to rape her, it was only after he bit her cheek and she didn’t respond that he realised she was dead.

The prosecution team is forced to call to the witness stand two of Dixie’s previous victims. They need the jury to understand just how barbaric this man is. Not only for the attacks he carried out, but also for forcing them to relive their horrific ordeals. Police believe that this is probably why Dixie entered his not guilty plea. Members of the Bowman family present at the trial are disgusted by what they hear and at one point Linda Bowman leaves the courtroom in floods of tears.
It takes three hours for the jury to find Dixie guilty. He responds by shaking his head. In sentencing him to life imprisonment, Judge Gerald Gordon recommends he serves at least 34 years in prison. He’s so repulsed by the crime that he refuses to even repeat it. He’s also disturbed by Dixie’s conduct because he’s not shown the slightest remorse for his actions.