"My heart will never mend not even over time. I cannot understand why my baby girl was taken from me in such a brutal and depraved way.”
Linda Bowman
BBC News Online February 2008
Since the murder of her youngest daughter Linda Bowman has written several times to the authorities to grant her request to sit face-to-face with Mark Dixie. She has questions she wants answered; particularly she wants to find out where he hid her daughter’s personal effects. Keeping her memory alive the family visit Sally Anne’s grave every year on her birthday.

"It is my opinion that a national DNA register - with all its appropriate safeguards - could have identified Sally Anne's murderer within 24 hours.”
Detective Superintendent Stuart Cundy
BBC News Online February 2008
The Bowman family have campaigned for the government to introduce a compulsory DNA database which would take DNA from birth. Although highly controversial, they believe it would stop miscarriages of justice and help catch serious offenders. Had it not been for Mark Dixie being arrested for a pub fight then there’s every chance he may never have been caught.
“Dixie is a coward who preys on vulnerable women and attacks them, sexually and physically. He is not well liked, especially among his fellow prisoners.”
Prison Officer, HMP Long Lartin
Croydon Guardian, November 2009
After being sentenced Mark Dixie was sent to Belmarsh prison in London. However the inmates there took an instant dislike to him and threatened to maim him. Fears for his safety had him moved to HMP Long Lartin prison in Worcestershire. Dixie remains concerned that someone could get to him, especially when it was revealed in 2009 that there is a contract of £50,000 for his death. Dixie now lives in fear of being stabbed or beaten to death.