West's reign of terror comes to an end

Summer 1992, A police officer patrolling Cromwell Street in Gloucester was approached by some children. One said they believed the Wests’ children were being abused. 
A meeting was called that day and as a result a joint team of social workers and police took away the children and began searching the premises.
It was the beginning of the city’s biggest ever criminal investigation.
At the time, the West children were aged between 11 and 15.
The investigating team had to win their trust and establish the facts.
As a result, their parents were charged.
Fred was arrested for rape and sodomy of a minor, and Rose for assisting in the rape of a minor.

With Fred jailed and her children in care, Rose attempted suicide. She tried an overdose of pills.
She failed.
Later, she found solace in comfort food and children’s movies. 
But then, the charges against the Wests were dropped.
None of the children would agree to give evidence.
The social workers involved noted that the children talked about why they must not talk about the family outside the family. None of them wanted to end up under the patio, like Heather, the Wests’ first daughter.
Interviews with Fred and Rose suggested Heather had left after suggestions she came out as a lesbian.
But police could find no trace of her. She’d either left the country, or she’d never left the Wests’ house:
“All enquiries to trace Heather had failed...And so an application was made for a warrant to go and search the garden- dig up the patio.”
-Tony Butler, Former Chief Constable, Gloucestershire Constabulary