We will never know the real number of victims

Rosemary West launched an appeal against her conviction in 1995.
In 1996, the Lord Chief Justice rejected it.
That year, 25 Cromwell Street was demolished. A walkway replaced it. There is no memorial or marker to the horror that took place there.
In 2000, Rose considered appealing her conviction. In 2001, she abandoned it saying she felt she would never be free, even if released. 
Bizarrely, in 2003, she came close to marrying a session bass player with the rock band Slade. Just days after the wedding plans were announced, however, adverse publicity meant it was all called off.
For relatives and friends of those who died and for the others that disappeared around the time and in the area of the Wests killings, the uncertainty over how their loved ones met their end is still painful:
“If I could have one wish it would be for her to just tell the truth about what she does know. Whether that be she has took part in murders or she knew these young girls were going to be disposed of. Whatever, she’s doing her life sentence so why not just come out and tell the truth?  A confession would help a lot of people. People who don’t know.”
-Caroline Roberts, Wests’ former nanny

And there was, also, that near decade gap in the Wests killings – between the murder of Shirley Robinson in 1978 and that of Heather in 1987. This is only supposed from the fact that no victims have been found that died during this period.
Most experts believe, however, that it is unlikely that a sexual serial killer like Fred, or Rose, could have relented for eight years.
This means it is unlikely we will ever know the true number of West victims.
Rose West is currently serving her sentences in HMP Low Newton.
She will never be released.
She has still not admitted her guilt.