“I’m a very lucky man” Harris’s last words at his BAFTA acceptance speech,
His victims believed his sentence was too short, and that, coupled with his lack of remorse, spurred many of them to consider taking a civil action against him. This, in turn, has brought forth more alleged victims.In July 2014, Harris’ crowning career moment, his BAFTA Fellowship, was annulled.It was just one of many, many honours of which he was stripped.Even in the suburb of Bassendean where he grew up, portraits of their now infamous inhabitant were removed.
In June 2015, a letter emerged allegedly written by Harris in prison. The author referred to his victims as “money grabbing wenches.” If authentic, it showed how little the perpetrator understood the suffering he had caused. The solicitor of his victims said that Harris should be denied parole after he reportedly called them ‘slimy little woodworm’ in a jail-penned song.

The following month, the Crown Prosecution Service said it would work with police to see if there was enough evidence to bring further charges against the 84 year old. “In 1995, he was asked ‘What is your greatest fear?’ His answer was, ‘Not being loved’. Well frankly, Rolf Harris is loved by nobody anymore” Patrick Carlyon, Senior Journalist, Melbourne Herald Sun.
Rolf Harris had a career in which he did nearly everything.Over almost six decades, he performed comedy, made music and created art.The boy from Bassendean was awarded some of Britain’s highest honours by the Queen herself. He is currently serving a 5 year, 9 month prison sentence at Her Majesty’s Pleasure, Stafford.On 12th February 2016, he was charged with an additional seven counts of indecent assault. The Crown Prosecution service said of the new charges: 
"We have concluded that there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest for Mr Harris to be charged with seven counts of indecent assault."