Peter Thomas Anthony Manuel is born in New York, in the year 1927
 In 1937, the Manuel family moves back to Scotland
January 1956, 17-year-old Anne Kneilands is murdered
17 September 1956, Marion Watt, Vivienne Watt and Margaret Brown are shot dead at their home in Glasgow
November 1957, Manuel is released from prison after a short term inside for housebreaking
8 December 1957, Sydney Dunn is killed 28 December 1957 17-year-old Isabelle Cooke is killed
6 January 1958,  Peter Smart, his wife Doris and 11-year old son Michael are found shot dead in their home
14 Jan 1958, Lanarkshire Police arrest Manuel
12 May 1958, The trial starts at the High Court, Glasgow
11 July 1958, Manuel is hanged by executioner Harry Allen in Barlinnie jail