Patrick Mackay is a psychopathic killer who is thought to have murdered at least 11 people, including a priest.

"A cold psychopathic killer”
Dr. Leonard Carr, Home Office psychiatrist, describing Patrick Mackay

Patrick David Mackay is born on 25 September 1952 in Middlesex, England into a chaotic and violent family.
Patrick’s father Harold had gone through a traumatic time during WWII and had become an aggressive alcoholic as a result. He takes this out on the young Patrick and his mother, physically abusing them both. He dies from a heart attack when Patrick is ten years old, but continues to have a damaging effect on his son. The little boy doesn’t go to the funeral or see his father’s body and as a result he develops a fantasy that Harold was still alive, always carrying a photo of him.
The troubled youth spends his teenage years in and out of mental homes and institutions and it’s observed that he enjoys torturing animals. He kills birds, which he pins to the road and then watches as they are run over and he kills the family tortoise by throwing it on to a bonfire. He also terrifies other school children and throws extreme tantrums and fits of anger.
The older he gets the worse he becomes and the more his behaviour deteriorates. He is volatile and if he feels he is being provoked in any way he becomes angry very quickly. He often reacts to events in this extreme way and he is diagnosed as having a psychotic disorder.
On one occasion when he is 12-years-old he kicks his sister and mother out of the family home and it isn’t until the police arrive that they are allowed back into the house. He is institutionalised for the first time at the age of 13 for setting fire to a Catholic church.