Long Distance Relationship

Brady's hold over Hindley continued for a number of years beyond their trial, and at one stage they requested permission to marry, which was refused. However, in 1970 Hindley severed all contact with Brady and, still protesting her innocence, began a lifelong campaign to regain her freedom.In 1987, Hindley again became the centre of media attention, with the public release of her full confession, in which she admitted her involvement in all five murders.
The confessions confirmed police suspicions that the remains of Pauline Reade and Keith Bennett had been buried somewhere on the moors, and Pauline's body was finally located on 1 July 1987, identified by the party dress she was wearing to the dance on the last night of her life.

"You will never be free"

Bennett’s body was never found.Her campaign for freedom was dealt its final blow when her application for parole in 1996 resulted in then Home Secretary, Michael Howard, bowing to intense public pressure and ruling that Hindley, as well as Brady, would never be released from prison. She challenged this decision in the High Court, but was unsuccessful. A further appeal to the House of Lords was similarly defeated in March 2000.Hindley died of respiratory failure, following an earlier heart attack, on 16 November 2002.
Winnie Johnson, the mother of victim Keith Bennett, whose body was never found, said:
“I have no sympathy for her even in death. The pair of them have made my heart very hard and really I just hope she goes to hell.”