Fourniret requested that the female jurors in his trial prove that they were virgins at the time of their marriage. Like his request to have the media removed, this was refused. Fourniret was uncooperative throughout his two month trial in Charleville-Mezières, in eastern France. He often refused to speak and never showed any emotion or remorse. He was briefly enraged, however, to find that his subservient wife was, according to IQ tests, more intelligent than him.
The state prosecutor described him as a ‘necrophiliac monster’ and the pairing of Fourniret and Monique as a ‘devil with two faces’. Monique did show remorse but the state prosecutor criticised her ‘deafening silence’ to the screams of the victims she’d secured. Perhaps she was glad to be an observer to physical abuse and not the victim of it. Whatever her motivations, she was found guilty of being her husband’s accomplice in at least five of the murders and was sentenced to serve at least 28 years of her life sentence.
He was found guilty of murdering seven girls and said he will not appeal his sentence. Fourniret will die in jail.