The Investigation

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The Investigation

Hot off the Press

One of the largest teams of detectives for such an enquiry was pulled together at Wimbledon police station. Meanwhile Alick, his daughter Diane and her husband appealed to the kidnappers on national television.On New Year’s Day the kidnappers called once again asking for £1 million and dismissing Alick’s pleas that he could not raise that amount of money. In desperation he asked an old friend, Eric Cutler, to fly to Utrecht to consult a Dutch clairvoyant who had helped police solve other crimes.

"Natural Mystic"

Gerard Croiset told Cutler that Muriel could be found in a white farmhouse in the north or northeast of London. Nearby to where Muriel was being held was another farm and a disused aerodrome and that if she was not found within 14 days, she would be dead.While police searched locally, others scoured the Hertfordshire and Essex borders, but found nothing.More calls demanding the money came, but no instructions as how to deliver it. In an attempt to motivate the kidnappers into giving instructions, the McKay’s doctor went on television claiming that Muriel needed urgent medication and if she did not receive it, she could die.