The Short and Brutal Timeline

26 May 1957- Mary is born in Newcastle
1966- Martin Brown, Mary’s first victim is born
1967- Brian Howe, Mary’s second victim is born
25 May 1968- 4-year-old Martin Brown’s body is found in a derelict house
27 May 1968- Notes confessing to Martin’s murder are found at nearby vandalised nursery
31 July 1968- 3-year-old Brian Howe is killed
August 1968- Police charge Mary and Norma with murder of Brian Howe and Martin Brown
5 December 1968- Trial start at Newcastle Assizes
17 December 1968- Newcastle Assizes, Mary Bell is convicted of the manslaughter of Martin Brown and Brian Howe. Norma Bell is acquitted
1980- Mary Bell is released from prison
April 1998- Mary’s teenage daughter becomes aware of her mother’s crimes
June 1998- "Cries Unheard: the story of Mary Bell" is published featuring interviews with Mary Bell
2003- The High Court grants lifelong anonymity for Mary and her daughter