June 1960 - Michael John Goodban is born in  Tonbridge, Kent
July 1997 - Stone arrested after he appears on Crimewatch UK
October 1998 - Stone goes on trial for the murders of Lin and Megan Russell, and the attempted murder of Josie Russell
October 1998 - Stone is found guilty on all three counts by a 10-2 majority
October 1998 - Stone is given three life sentences
November 1998 - Stone’s defence team lodge an application to appeal based on the admission of perjury by a key prosecution witness
January 2001 - Stone is granted the right to appeal
February 2001 - Stone is successful in his appeal
February 2001 - The judges quash his conviction but order a retrial
September 2001 - Stone’s retrial begins at Nottingham Crown Court
January 2005 - Appeal lodged
January 2005 – Appeal dismissed
December 2006 - High Court judge imposes the highest tariff he is legally entitled to impose, and it will be 25 years minimum before Stone will be eligible to be considered for parole