standing trial

Gacy’s trial opened in Chicago on 6 February 1980, with Gacy pleading guilty by reason of insanity. The prosecutor presented information about each of the 33 young victims, with testimony from friends and relatives, and emphasised the premeditation and rationality of Gacy’s actions.His defence countered that Gacy was insane, irrational and not responsible for his actions, and introduced victim Jeff Ringall as a witness, who testified to the savagery of Gacy’s attack on him. Ringall was so traumatised by reliving the attack that he broke down on the stand, and had to be removed from the courtroom. They also introduced a number of psychiatric experts, who testified that Gacy had been insane at the times he had committed the murders.The case took over five weeks to present, but the jury required only two hours to reach a guilty but sane verdict.