27 February 1930
John Thomas Straffen is born in Borden, Hampshire
The Straffen family return to England from India and settle in Bath
Straffen becomes known to authorities and is sent to a special school because of his poor behaviour
Straffen is committed to a ‘colony for mental defectives’ at Almondsbury, Somerset
Straffen is released on licence
15 July 1951
Straffen strangles 6-year-old Brenda Goddard
8 August 1951
Straffen murders 9-year-old Cicely Batsone
October 1951
Straffen is sent to Broadmoor high security mental hospital

29 April 1952
Straffen escapes from Broadmoor. 5-year-old Linda Bowyer is found strangled
25 July 1952
Straffen is found guilty of murder and sentenced to be hanged
29 August 1952
Straffen has his death sentence reprieved on the grounds of insanity
19 November 2007
Straffen dies as Britain's longest-serving prisoner