It Begins

On the 19th of March 2013, 31-year-old Polish immigrant Lucasz Slaboszewski received a text from Joanna Dennehy. The pair had met previously on the streets of Peterborough, and Lucasz is thought to have believed that there was some chance of a romantic relationship. 
The text invited Slaboszewski round to Dennehy's flat where the pair drank and chatted together. Joanna persuaded Lucasz to put on a blindfold as part of what she said was a game. With her victim's eyes covered, Dennehy produced a knife and proceeded to stab Slaboszewski through the heart.Unable to dispose of the body alone, Joanna Dennehy called upon Gary “Stretch” Richards, a known criminal and associate of hers, for assistance. Richards – a 7 foot 3-inch giant of a man – was, by all accounts, smitten with Dennehy and was happy to do anything he could to help her.

Richards arrived at the flat with an associate of his, Leslie Layton, and together the pair relocated  Lucasz Slaboszewski's body to a wheelie bin outside a nearby block of flats. Days later, the body was retrieved and thrown into a ditch in the Peterborough countryside.
On the 28th of March 2013, Joanna Dennehy called at the flat of her neighbour, 56 year old John Chapman, with some alcohol. The pair drank and chatted together until Chapman passed out drunk. Using the same knife she had killed Slaboszewski with nine days earlier, Dennehy stabbed Chapman six times in the chest.
Again, Richards and Layton were called upon to help dispose of the body and Chapman's remains were dumped in the same ditch as those of Slaboszewski.The next day (March 29th) Joanna Dennehy invited Kevin Lee to her flat.
There Lee was stabbed in the heart and killed. His body, dressed in a black dress of  Dennehy's, was dumped in another ditch some eight miles away from those of Joanna's first two victims, once again with the help of Richards.


On the 2nd of April 2013 Joanna Dennehy and Gary “Stretch” Richards committed a robbery in Norfolk. They contacted an associate of Richards', Mark Lloyd, who agreed to help them fence the stolen goods.
Once in the car with the pair Lloyd was shocked and appalled at Dennehy's boasts of having murdered people and wanting to do so again. Driving around, Richards selected a victim for Dennehy, seemingly at random. Leaping from the car, Joanna stabbed 64-year-old Robin Bereza in the shoulder, then jumped back into the vehicle as he collapsed on the ground in a pool of his own blood. Nine minutes later Dennehy attacked another man, 57-year-old John Rogers, stabbing him more than thirty times.