Bodies are discoverd

Unlike the first two victims, Kevin Lee had a wife and family and so was reported missing. His body was discovered on the 30th of March by a member of the public. Once he had been identified, and his affairs looked into a little, Joanna Dennehy became a person the police wanted to track down and interview in connection with the murder.

Both Robin Bereza and John Rogers survived their frenzied attacks on the 2nd of April and so were able to describe their attacker to the police.
The bodies of Lucasz Slaboszewski and John Chapman were discovered on the 3rd of April, but no initial connection was made between their deaths and Lee's.
Upon her arrest Joanna Dennehy is said to have been calm to the point of coldness. As she was led to the cells, she is said to have sung “Singin' in the Rain”.