DNA doesnt lie

Two days after the Crimewatch appeal was filmed, the police got their breakthrough. They had become increasingly suspicious as to why Vincent Tabak had fed them misleading information about Jefferies. Tabak had told police that on the night of Joanna’s disappearance Jefferies car had been moved. This was a lie, but the information had prompted Jefferies arrest. On 20 January, 32-year-old Tabak, was himself arrested.
During his arrest he refused to cooperate with the police and largely answered questions with “no comment”. However the evidence against him was mounting. He couldn’t argue with DNA proof that linked him to Joanna’s death. Three days later he was charged with her murder.

While on remand at HMP Long Lartin prison in Worcestershire Tabak spoke to the chaplain, Peter Brotherton. Believing the chat to be confidential Tabak made the mistake of revealing that he had killed Joanna.
Tabak entered a plea of manslaughter at the Old Bailey on 5 May, but denied murder. The prosecution team rejected this and had the murder trial set for 4 October.