Jill Dando was a British television presenter, who worked for the BBC for over 15 years. An unusually modest person, she had a sharp mind and the ability to be effortlessly professional. She worked very much as part of the team and was dedicated to making a difference. At age 37, she was killed by a single shot to the head on her front doorstep. Dando’s death sparked a high-profile hunt for her killer and ranks as one of the most highly publicised and notorious murders in British criminal history.

Jill Dando was 37-years-old when she was murdered outside her west London home on 26 April 1999. She had spent the previous night at her fiancé’s home in Chiswick and was returning to her house in Fulham. It was 11.30 am and as she reached her front door, she was shot at close range in the side of her head, with a homemade replica of a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol. A local resident found her body shortly afterwards and she was rushed to the nearby Charing Cross Hospital but announced dead on arrival at 1.03 pm.

Jill Dando was buried on 21 May 1999 at the Clarence Park Baptist Church in Somerset. On 28 September 1999 a memorial service was held for her, at which Sir John Birt, Director General of the BBC, gave a special address.