The Aftermath

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The Aftermath

5 life sentences

Bamber needed to finance his ‘playboy’ lifestyle. If his plan had succeeded he would have received his parents’ leasehold farm, other prime land, the contents of the main house which he had reinsured and half a share in a holiday home caravan site. The total of the estate was estimated at £436,000.

Bamber was told by his trial judge, that he was "warped and evil" and added that he found it difficult to imagine anyone agreeing to release Bamber from jail in the future.

He has been told by each Home Secretary since his conviction that he will never gain his freedom through parole, although Bamber has always pleaded his innocence and has seen two appeals against his convictions rejected.

In July 2001 a team of police officers were given four months to complete fresh inquiries into the case. It was referred back to the Court of Appeal by the Criminal Cases Review Commission, which investigates possible miscarriages of justice.

In 2002 Bamber angered his relatives when he offered £1m as a reward for any information that would help quash his conviction.

In December 2002 he lost his appeal against his conviction and also lost a High Court case regarding a claim for £1.27m from his grandmother’s will that he thought he was entitled to.In 2004 Bamber was attacked by a fellow prisoner with a knife while talking on the phone and needed twenty stitches.

In 2004 and 2009, Bamber's defence team submitted what they claimed was new evidence to the CCRC, including a report from a photographic expert. However, February 2011 saw the CCRC provisionally reject the latest submissions.