Dahmer is reported to have adjusted well to prison life, although he was kept apart from the general population initially. He convinced authorities to allow him to integrate more fully with other inmates which led to an attack, on 3 July 1994, by another inmate.
On 28 November 1994, in accordance with his inclusion in regular work details, he was assigned to work with two other prisoners, one of whom was a white supremacist murderer, Jesse Anderson, and the other a delusional, schizophrenic African-American murderer, Christopher Scarver. Twenty minutes after they had been left alone to complete their tasks, guards returned to find that Scarver had crushed Dahmer’s skull, and beaten Anderson fatally with a broom handle.
Following his death, the city of Milwaukee was keen to distance itself from the horrors of Dahmer’s actions, and the ensuing media circus surrounding his trial. In 1996, fearing that someone else might purchase Dahmer’s fridge, photographs and killing tools collection and start a museum, they raised more than $400,000 to buy his effects, which they promptly incinerated.