15th May 1940
The Victim
9th/10th September 1977 – Helen (Holly) Maddux, 30
28th March 1979: First arrest, at Ira Einhorn’s apartment in Philadelphia, USA
13th June 1997 - Second arrest, in Champagne-Mouton, France
21st September 1998 - Third arrest, in Champagne-Mouton, France
21st July 2001 - Extradition to the United States
The Trials
3rd April 1979 - Bail hearing in Philadelphia. Einhorn released on $40 000 bail.
September 1993 - Trial [i]in absentia[/i], Pennsylvania, USA. Einhorn sentenced to life imprisonment.
2nd September 1997 - First extradition hearing in a French court. Application for extradition denied, Einhorn released on 29th September 1998.
1st December 1998 - Second extradition hearing in a French court. Court rules itself incompetent to rule on American constitutionality arguments but grants extradition on the condition that Einhorn gets a new trial if he requests one. Einhorn appeals.
28th July 1999 - Civil suit against Einhorn brought by the Maddux family for wrongful death damages, which amounts to $907 million, ensuring that any profits Einhorn makes from his case will go to the Madduxes.
4th December 2000 - Appeal to the [i]Conseil d’Etat[/i] is heard. Appeal dismissed on 12th July 2001. Further and final appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.
18th July 2001 - Appeal to the European Court of Human Rights is dismissed. Einhorn extradited to the United States two days later.
September 2002 - Einhorn stands trial in Pennsylvania for the murder of Holly Maddux.
17th October 2002 - Life imprisonment without possibility of parole.