Crime Files


The Tragic Timeline

January 1938 - Brady is born in Glasgow 

July 1942 - Hindley is born in Manchester

July 1963 - Pauline Reade a 16 year old neighbour of Hindley's becomes the couple's first victim

November 1964 - 12 year old John Kilbride is abducted by the couple from a market in Lancashire subjected to sexual assault and murderd 

June 1964 - Keith Bennett is lured into Hindley's van and later strangled to death by Brady

December 1965 - Lesley Ann Downey is abducted from a fun fair before being murderd

October 1965 -  Edward Evans aged 17 becomes the couples last victim

October 1965 - Police arrest Brady after the body of Evans is discoverd at his home

May 1966 - Brady is convicted given a life sentence for the murders of John, Lesley Ann and Edward. Hindley is also convicted for their murders and for shielding Brady after John's         murder, and also jailed for life.

1987 - The couple finally admit to the murder of Keith and Pauline and help Police in their search for their bodies only Pauline's is discoverd

1999 - Brady goes on hunger strike in prison for the remainder of his life he is fed with a tube

Novemeber 2002 - Hindley dies in prison

May 2017 - Brady dies in prison