It seems that despite the worldwide media furore that followed the events on 26th March, no lessons were learned by the survivors of the Heaven’s Gate cult or people intrigued by the group’s ethos.
In fact, since the mass suicide, the media coverage only served to draw attention to the group’s cause with new members joining and the cult attempting a revival. A website boldly proclaimed their return titled Heaven's Gate Lives: Apocalypse Now, which clearly shows that the delusion is still strong and, by default, just as dangerous.
A couple of the surviving members of the 1997 group who did not ‘leave’ in the mass suicide in have been maintaining the ‘official’ Heaven’s Gate web site and distributing materials and information that the group left behind.
During the 1980's Heaven’s Gate made over 500 audio tapes of their secluded classroom teachings and 11 videos. The survivors today have digitized over 200 hours of those audio tapes, and about 20 hours of Video material to store the entire archive on three CD-ROMs for the PC. They are also making the CDs available at no charge, only requesting that the shipping charges be covered by the recipient.
Ultimately the cult lives on...