The Trial

Whilst the three awaited their fate in a Brazilian prison, their high-profile arrest caused a legal battle. The Brazilian prosecutors wanted to charge the trio in Brazil, as that is where they had been arrested. However, the Mexican prosecutors laid claim to them, due to the fact that all the alleged crimes had begun in Mexico.In April 2000, a Brazilian federal court ruled that the evidence against Trevi, Andrade and Boquitas needed extensive investigation before they even considered Mexico’s extradition request. The three were moved to another Brazilian prison, due to overcrowding in the facility where they were being held. It was here that Trevi fell pregnant and she accused a prison guard of raping her. Under Brazilian law, pregnant women prisoners were allocated separate housing, where they could live with their children. Trevi was moved to such a facility but it wasn’t long before she was sent back to prison, due to pressure from Mexican authorities.“I have no interest in making people forget. But one thing needs to be clear: I don’t care. There are people who love me and people who believe all the manipulation against me.” – Gloria TreviTrevi gave birth to a son, Angel Gabriel, on 18th February 2002, in Brasilia, Brazil. The following day, authorities denied her request to keep the father’s identity a secret. Following DNA tests, Andrade was confirmed as the child’s father. Whilst Trevi and Andrade had been denied conjugal visits, it is believed that they bribed a prison guard to arrange for time alone together to have sex.Trevi wrote an autobiography whilst in prison, entitled ‘Gloria by Gloria Trevi’ (2002). In it she portrays herself as an entirely innocent victim and the other clan girls as greedy liars. She says she went along with over fifteen years of abuse because of Andrade’s powerful and unrelenting hold over her.The Brazilian and Mexican authorities finally came to an agreement and on 21st December 2002, after nearly three years in prison, Trevi and Boquitas were extradited to Mexico to face charges. They were sent to the Aquilas Serdan prison near Chihuahua and Trevi’s baby son was sent to live with his maternal grandmother.It was alleged that whilst on the run, Trevi had given birth to her and Andrade’s baby, a daughter, whom they had left to die, and authorities were investigating the possibility of also charging the couple with homicide. However, with no evidence and no body ever found, the homicide charges were dropped.In late 2002 and early 2003, Trevi awaited trial but to no avail. As time went by, it became apparent that the Mexican authorities were having trouble finding concrete evidence of the alleged crimes. Andrade was then also extradited to Mexico and sent to the same prison as Trevi on 27th November 2003. The couple were not allowed any contact.“Those who don’t love me don’t really know me. But I don’t care. They’ll love me tomorrow. There’s always tomorrow.” - Gloria TreviNew York Times magazine writer, Christopher McDougall, published ‘Girl Trouble: The True Saga of Superstar Gloria Trevi and the Secret Teenage Sex Cult that Stunned the World’ in 2004. The book was viewed by some as the most authoritative account of what actually happened. McDougall had personally interviewed both Trevi and Andrade whilst they were in prison, as well as many of the young girls involved, getting details of what happened whilst the group were fugitives.Trevi was led to believe that she would be released from prison on 24th February 2004 but the Mexican authorities denied her freedom. Infuriated, she went on hunger strike. Seven months later, on 21st September 2004, she was finally acquitted by a Mexican court, which cited lack of evidence in the case. Trevi was released after spending just over four years and eight months in prison, in both Brazil and Mexico.Determined to revive her career, she immediately went back to the studio to begin recording. She released her album Como Nace el Universo (How the Universe was Born) in 2004. In Los Angeles, on Valentine’s Day 2005, a day before her 37th birthday, she announced a 23-city tour of the United States, called ‘Trevolucion’. It seemed that a happy and confident Trevi had put her troubles behind her and was back to her old self. In 2006, she released her album ‘La Trayectoria’ (The Trajectory). Trevi is currently in a steady relationship with Miguel Armando, with whom she had a son in 2005.