After completing his sentence in 1993, Honka was released from hospital and placed in a nursing home in Scharbeutz under the name Peter Jensen. No one knew his past. He remained rather withdrawn and did not form new relationships. By the end he was convinced that the room in which he lived, had the stench of decomposing bodies.

On 19 October 1998, at the age of 63, finally succumbing to a life ravaged by alcohol abuse, Fritz Honka died in a hospital in Hamburg.

In 1975, musician Karl-Heinz Blumenberg, under the pseudonym Harry Horror, released an album dedicated to Fritz Honka. The title became a major club hit at the time. RCA didn’t promote the album.

In 1989, German director Andreas Schnaas shot the low-budget horror film “Violent S**t” which was loosely based on the “exploits” of Fritz Honka. This film became a minor cult.