The West's awful Legacy

Rose West’s sentence was later extended to a “whole life” sentence by the Home Secretary, effectively removing any possibility of parole.
There remains a widespread belief that Fred and Rose West’s victims numbered far more than the twelve with which they were charged.
She refused to accept her fate, and launched appeals in 1996 and 2000, claiming variously that new evidence clearing her had come to light, and then that the huge media interest had prevented her from receiving a fair trial, but both of these appeals were rejected, and she remains incarcerated at Winchester Prison.
No 25 Cromwell Street, or the “House of Horrors”, as it was dubbed by the media, was eventually razed to the ground in October 1996, and in its place is a pathway that leads to the town centre.
Rose was again the focus of media attention in January 2003, when it was claimed that she was to marry Dave Glover, the bass player of rock band Slade, following a year-long courtship via letters, but Glover pulled out when the media attention became overwhelming.