18 December 1948
Edmund Kemper III is born to Edmund Kemper Jr and Clarnell Strandberg in Burbank California. They already have one daughter, and will soon have another one, but Edmund will be their only son.
Edmund’s parents’ divorce and his father leaves home
Kemper kills both grandparents and is imprisoned.
Kemper is released from the state hospital on parole. After finding he was too tall to join the police, he takes on a series of unremarkable jobs.
May 1972
Kemper murders hitchhiking students Mary Ann Pesce and Anita Luchessa. Returning home with their bodies, he’s stopped because of a broken rear light. But the policeman doesn’t check the boot and lets Kemper go.
August 1972
The remains of Mary Ann Pesce’s head are found.
14 September 1972
Aiko Koo decides to hitchhike rather than wait for the bus. Kemper kills her.
7 January 1973
19 year old student Cindy Schall is picked up and killed by Kemper.
5 February 1973
24 year old Rosalind Thorpe and 23 year old Allison Liu are picked up by Kemper on campus grounds. After killing, he performs what has now become his routine. He beheads, and rapes both the severed head, and the headless body, and then disposes of the remains wherever is easiest.
Easter 1973
Kemper finally focuses on the cause of his rage and kills his mother. He does the same to her friend, 59 year old Sally Hallett.
23 April 1973
Kemper rings the Santa Cruz police and confesses, much to their disbelief. In fact, it takes several calls before anyone takes him seriously.
7 May 1973
Kemper is charged with eight counts of murder.
November 1973
Kemper is found guilty of eight counts of murder.
Kemper’s next scheduled parole hearing.