The Mafia put a contract out on Brasco for $500,000 and he and his still family live under secret identities in an undisclosed location. In 1986, Brasco retired from the FBI and he currently works as an FBI consultant and lectures internationally. He’s also the author of several books and the co-owner of a production company.
Two days after the FBI pulled Brasco out of the operation they informed Napolitano that he had been working undercover and soon after Napolitano’s death was ordered. On 17 August 1981, accepting his fate, Napolitano gave his favorite bartender his jewellery and the keys to his apartment so that his pet pigeons could be looked after. On 12 August 1982, his body was found in a creek on Staten Island. Another Bonanno boss, Joe Massino, was found guilty of ordering his death in 2004.
On 30 August 1981, the FBI arrested Ruggiero for his own protection, the same day that a contract was put out on him. He was sentenced to serve twenty years in prison, but was released on parole in 1992. On Thanksgiving Day 1995, Ruggiero died of cancer in his New York home. He was 72.
The evidence collected by Brasco led to over 200 indictments and over 100 convictions. New York Mafia families have instituted new rules to thwart future undercover penetrations. Before a new member is made a soldier he will have to kill someone, and two family members, instead of one, must vouch with their own lives for him.