Gaskins is tried for eight murders on 24 May 1976 and four days later, he’s found guilty and sentenced to death.
One small improvement to Gaskins lot is that he’s no longer subject to sexual or physical assault. His fearsome reputation means no one will take on ‘Pee Wee’.
Inside, Gaskins kills again. On 2 September 1982, he finally succeeds in fulfilling his contract to Tony Cimo. Tony was the son of Myrtle Moon and Myrtle and Bill Moon had been killed by Rudolph Tyner during his bungled armed robbery of their store. As Rudolph Tyner is in the same prison as Gaskins, Tony hires Gaskins to exact vengeance.
Gaskins tries poison but then he rigs a radio with explosives telling Tyner that it will allow them to communicate between cells. When Tyner tunes in, Gaskins detonates.
Gaskins is again sentenced to death.
On death row, Gaskins spends 15 months confessing his life of serial killing to a journalist. These memoirs form his autobiography, ‘Final Truth’ in which he explains he has a ‘special mind’ that gives him ‘permission to kill’. Gaskins claims to have killed over a 100 people including the 12 year old daughter of a state senator. Many of his claims cannot, however, be verified.
He never once expresses remorse for his actions.
Regarding his own end he says
‘I truly don’t mind dying. I’ve lived a damn full and good life.’
A few hours before his execution, Gaskins tries to delay his execution by slashing his wrists.
With stitched wounds, he’s placed in the electric chair.
At 1.05 a.m. on 6 September 1991, Donald ‘Pee Wee’ Gaskins dies.
‘When they put me to death, I’ll die remembering the freedom and pleasure of my life. I’ll die knowing that there are others coming along to take my place, and that most of them will never get caught.’
(Donald Gaskins)