13 March 1933 Donald Henry Gaskins Jr is born.
1952 In jail, Gaskins kills Hazell Brazell.
August 1961 Gaskins is released from jail and finds work with a travelling preacher.
1963 He’s arrested for the rape of a 12 year old girl
November 1968 He is paroled again.
September 1969 A female hitchhiker becomes his first ‘Coastal Kill’.
15 November 1970 Gaskins kills his 15 year old niece
1973 ‘Pee Wee’ purchases a hearse. He jokes that he needs it for all the people he’s killing.
He rapes and kills his ‘friend’ and her two year old daughter.
12 February 1975 Silas Yates is killed by Gaskins, unusually, for money
27 April 1976 Gaskins is charged with eight counts of murder.
24 May 1976 He’s found guilty and sentenced to death.
November 1976 The Supreme Court rules the death penalty unconstitutional which means Gaskins won’t be executed.
9 September 1982 Gaskins again kills for money. As the death penalty has been made legal again in 1978, his fate is sealed.
6 September 1991 ‘Pee Wee’ Gaskins is executed
3 January 2008 A documentary is broadcast about the life of Donald Gaskins. It’s entitled,’
Pee Wee’.