A woman vanishes from a busy London street. Has someone just got away with murder? “This is a young lady who disappears from a London street in the middle of a sunny July day and is never seen again, there is no trace of her anywhere and that is quite extraordinary.” Stewart Tendler, Crime Reporter

Without a trace

Suzy Lamplugh is born to parents Diana and Paul on 3 May 1961. She’s their second child of four and her thirst for life is an inspiration to her mother. She’s part of the trendy ‘Putney set’ and enjoys a very busy social life. Her friends describe her as a happy, outgoing and conscientious young woman. A successful career has seen her working as a beautician on the famous ocean liner, the QE2.

It’s Monday 28th July, 1986 and London is bathed in sunshine. Twenty-five year old Suzy leaves the two-bedroom flat she owns in Putney to start work at Sturgis Estate Agency on Fulham Road. She’s been working as an estate agent for just over a year. Today she’s wearing low stiletto heels, a grey skirt and dark jacket. It’s been a fairly unremarkable morning. But this afternoon will soon enter the annals of crime history.

At around 12.30pm Suzy gets ready to leave the office and takes the barest essentials; her house and car keys and a purse containing £15 with some credit cards. She has an appointment booked for 12.45pm to meet a potential buyer, Mr Kipper, at 37 Shorrolds Road. The property has only been on the market for one week, but is conveniently close to the office. Approximately ten-minutes later she’s seen waiting alone.

This is the last time she’s seen. She disappears without a trace.

Just as though she has been erased by a rubber.

Diana Lamplugh, Suzy’s mother