2 June 2012
Early morning - David Bird (Derrick Bird’s twin brother) is shot in his bed at his home in Lamplugh.
10.20am - Kevin Commons the Bird’s family solicitor is shot in his driveway at his home in Frizington.
10.32am - Darren Rewcastle is shot in Whitehaven along with another taxi driver.
10.55am – Susan Hughes and Kenneth Fishburn are gunned down near Egremont.
11.02am - James and Jennifer Jackson are shot and murdered. Isaac Dixon
becomes Bird’s eighth victim.
11.20am – In Gosforth Gary Purdham an ex-rugby player is shot at while trimming hedges at a farm.
11.29am – Bird arrives in Seascale and shoots dead Jamie Clark, Michael Pike and Jane Robinson.
13.35pm – Nearly two hours later the body of Derrick Bird is discovered near Penny Hill Farm in Boot along with his rifle.
1 March 2011 – Inquest into the Cumbria killings opens