1967: Berkowitz’s adopted mother dies
1971: Joins the army
December 1975: First assaults with a knife on two girls
29/7/1976: Berkowitz’s first victim killed by 22-calibre handgun
23/10/1976: 2nd shooting (Carl Denaro)
26/11/1976: 3rd shooting (Donna DeMasi/Joanne Lumino)
30/1/1977: 4th shooting (Christine Freund/John Diel)
8/3/1977: 5th shooting (Virginia Voskerichian)
17/4/1977: 6th shooting (Valentina Suriani/Alexander Esau)
26/6/1977: 7th shooting (Judy Placido/Sal Lupo)
31/7/77: 8th shooting (Stacy Moskowitz/Bobby Violante)
10/8/1977: Berkowitz arrested. Pleads guilty at trial