Key Figures

Betty Broder: Berkowitz’s biological mother.
Nathan and Pearl Berkowitz (Berkowitz adoptive parents)
Captain Joe Borrelli (set up Omega task force) & Det Sergeant Joe Coffey
Chamberlain & Intervallo: Two Yonkers police officers who investigated letters sent to Cassaro and Carr families from Berkowitz.
The Victims (all killed otherwise stated)
Donna Laurie and Jody Valenti (Valenti survived)
Carl Denaro (survived)
Donna De Masi & Joanne Lumino (both survived but Lumino left a paraplegic)
Christine Freund & John Diel (Diel survived)
Virginia Voskerichian
Valentina Suriani & Alexander Esau
Judy Placido & Sal Lupo (both survived)
Stacy Moskowitz & Bobby Violante (Violante survived but left blinded)