1992 Angela Campochiaro, then 23, has a 10cm lock of hair cut from her head in a cinema in Italy, one of a number of women in Restivo’s home town in Italy who complain of being targeted in this way.
12 September 1993 Elisa Claps, 16, goes missing after meeting Restivo at the church of the Most Holy Trinity in Potenza, Italy.
March 1995 Restivo convicted in Italy of giving false information to prosecutor over an injury to his hand sustained on the day Elisa Claps disappeared. He was given a two-year sentence. As short sentences in Italy are suspended, Restivo did not spend any time behind bars.
May 2002 Restivo arrives in Bournemouth to live with a woman he met on the internet. He moves into the house opposite Heather Barnett's home.
12 November 2002 Heather Barnett is found murdered in her home.
2002-2004 Restivo cuts the hair of 15 women and girls in the Bournemouth area.
March 2004 Police put Restivo under surveillance. He is observed by police acting as a stalker. Assorted weapons and a balaclava were found in his belongings.
2008 Police re-examine forensic evidence from a blood- stained towel found at the murder scene. DNA sample found and linked to Restivo, but it is still not strong enough to charge him.
March 2010 Elisa Claps' body is found beneath a pile of tiles in a loft in the Most Holy Trinity church in Potenza.
May 2010 Restivo charged with Heather Barnett's murder.
June 2011 Restivo convicted of Heather Barnett's murder and given a life sentence.
Nov 2011 A judge in Italy finds Restivo guilty of the murder of Elisa Clapps in 1993. He is given a 30 year sentence.