24 December 1969 Stephen Griffiths is born
1989 Griffiths is convicted of possessing an air pistol
1991 He is diagnosed by a psychiatrist as a ‘sadistic, schizoid, psychopath’. But he can’t be sectioned
1992 He receives a two year prison sentence for affray and possession of an offensive weapon after holding a knife to the throat of a young girl for no apparent reason
1993 Griffiths is put on probation for possessing a knife in public and given a suspended prison sentence for possessing two air pistols

January 2009 Griffiths is convicted of harassment
22 June 2009 Susan Rushworth, 43, last seen in Manningham, disappears.
Her remains are never found
26 April 2010 Shelley Armitage, 31, last seen on Rebecca St, disappears
28 April 2010 Police establish that at around 1am, Griffiths murders Shelley Armitage
21 May 2010 Suzanne Blamires, 36, disappears
24 May 2010 Caretaker. Peter Gee, checks CCTV footage. Griffiths is arrested
28 May 2010 Stephen Griffiths gives his name to the magistrate as ‘the crossbow cannibal’
16 July 2010 Griffiths appears by video link. His trial date is still to be set
21 December 2010 Griffiths pleads guilty to all three counts of murder at Leeds Crown Court (The trial is one of the first times that reporters, who are not allowed to take photos or record sound, were allowed to tweet from the courtroom.)
22 January 2012 Griffiths is on suicide watch when he attempts to slash his wrists with a smuggled razor blade. He fails in his sixth attempt