"He was weedy and needy. He was the ultimate epitome of the banality of evil...He was like a nightmarish version of a wannabe X Factor contestant, desperate to grab the attention of the British public...Stephen Griffiths saw murder as his passport to fame."
- David Wilson
Many, including Wilson, believe the case again highlights the need for reform of Britain’s laws where prostitution is not in itself illegal, but working in a brothel is. So instead of being able to operate in a controlled environment, vulnerable women are forced to work alone on the streets, making them easier targets for the very worst elements in society. It is claimed that in Holland, where prostitution has been decriminalised, there has never been a case of a serial killer targeting them, precisely because they work in the open, and together.
Even the women’s groups, who oppose such measures as decriminalisation (believing they legitimise the sexual abuse of women), agree that the present situation is the worst of all worlds.

On 4 August 2010, the remains of Shelley Armitage are laid to rest. So little of her is recovered, a child’s coffin, measuring just two and a half feet, is used.
"My daughter’s pieces are still missing. What I have got of my daughter, I can’t bury my daughter."
- Daryl Armitage, father of Shelley Armitage
The body of Susan Rushworth can’t be buried as it has never been found.
"As a family, we have not been able to put our daughter to rest...so we want to appeal to this man to tell us what he has done with Susan."
- Christine Thompson, mother of Susan Rushworth
"People say oh it gets easier with time. I’m not quite convinced that I believe that."
- Nicky Blamires, mother of Suzanne Blamires
Griffiths has refused to reveal any further details about the murders.
He has never expressed any remorse for taking away three daughters from their families.
Now in Wakefield Prison, Griffiths has repeatedly self-harmed, including a ten month hunger strike, and attempted suicide. He is 42 when he makes his sixth attempt. However, none of this should be seen as the actions of a repentant man who is in some way overcome by guilt. They are the only options left to a narcissist who craves attention and wants his name repeated in the papers. And his suicide bids are indeed duly reported and printed by the press.