An Awful Legacy

Manson’s Revenge: One interesting aspect to this disturbing saga was the emergence of record producer Terry Melcher, son of Doris Day. Melcher knew Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys fame both as a friend and producer of the band’s music. Manson and his Family, before their murderous spree, had stayed at Wilson’s home after The Beach Boys’ singer had picked some members up who were hitchhiking. It was through this association that Manson got to audition for Melcher, who at the time lived at Polanski’s house. Melcher was not interested in signing a contract with Manson.
According to one of the Family member’s statements, the Polanksi household had been targeted because it ‘represented’ Manson’s rejection by the showbiz world and society. The original house owned by the Polanskis at 10050 Cielo Drive has since been demolished. The property that replaced it still stands empty. No agents will include it on their books.
Medical issues: In January 2017 Manson was taken to hospital from Central Valley prison due to an "undisclosed medical issue". The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation refused to comment on Manson's case, but did confirm that he is alive.