Key Figures
Leonard Lake: Charles Ng’s accomplice in crime who committed suicide after arrest.
Claralyn Balasz (Lake’s girlfriend): Led police to scene of crime.
Detectives Eisenmann and Irene Brunn : Detectives from San Francisco Missing Persons dept.
Identified Victims (25 people are suggested by the police to be victims):
Paul Cosner
Robin Scott Stapley
Randy Johnson
Charles ‘The Fat Man’ Gunner (Lake’s best man)
Donald Lake (Leonard’s brother)
Kathy Allen
Michael Carroll (Allen’s boyfriend)
Brenda O’Connor (Lake’s neighbour)
Lonnie Bond (O’Connor’s common in law husband)
Lonnie Bond Jr. (O’Connor and Bond’s baby)
Harvey Dubs
Deborah Dubs
Sean Dubs (The Dubs' baby)
Donald Giuletti, a San Francisco disc jockey