9 August 2005  Caylee Marie Anthony’s birth
March 2008  Computer searches regarding chloroform on Anthony home computer
15 June 2008  Caylee last seen alive at great-grandfather’s residence
16 June 2008  Anthony and Caylee leave the family home
27 June 2008      Anthony and friend Tony Lazzaro seen at nightclub after she dumped the car that day
15 July 2008       George retrieves Pontiac car smelling of decomposition
16 July 2008       Cindy reports Caylee missing for 31 days
16 July 2008       Anthony arrested for the first time
11 August 2008   Roy Kronk reports something suspicious in the woods
21 August 2008   Anthony released on bond
29 August 2008   Anthony re-arrested on cheque fraud
30 August 2008   Texas EquuSearch commences
5 September 2008   Anthony released on bail, bond paid by parents
15 September 2008  Anthony turns herself in due to more cheque fraud
16 September 2008 Anthony released on bond
14 October 2008   Anthony charged with first degree murder, child abuse, manslaughter and lying to the police
15 October 2008 Judge ordered she be held without bond
28 October 2008  Anthony pleads not guilty
11 December 2008  Caylee’s body is discovered
January 2010   Anthony pleads guilty to 13 cases of unrelated check fraud
24 May 2011 Trial commences
5 July 2011  Anthony found not guilty on all charges except for four relating to providing false statements to the police
7 July 2011  Anthony sentenced
17 July 2011  Anthony released
August 2011  Anthony reportedly serving probation for the cheque fraud in an undisclosed location in Florida